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BG5 Solutions is the first BG5 Consultancy firm to bring the career and business application of the Human Design system to individuals and businesses. 

The world is rapidly shifting to focus more on the uniqueness of each individual and what they can bring to your organization. This is in line with these transitioning times as business adapts to a new way of working and delivering services.

Our team of BG5 Consultants are some of the first to be certified with this unique knowledge brought forward specifically for these changing times.

Join us to access FREE and paid Coaching Programs, Consulting Services and BG5/Human Design information. We provide interactive conversations to explore this material in real life, career and business situations.

What is BG5?

BG5 stands for Base Group Five - the foundational building block or cornerstone for creating any team or organization. 
It is the official Career & Business application of the Human Design System, known as the Science of Differentiation.
“This revolutionary science was developed by Ra Uru Hu, who then embarked on a 25 year journey to refine and experiment with this information, out in the real world, in order to prove its empirical validity. He worked with many in the scientific field who were so impressed by this science that they too incorporated it into their life’s work and dedicated themselves to validating its accuracy.

Science has discovered correlations between our nervous system and our brain; between our emotions and our intelligence; and even between our own energy field and the overall field of energy around us. New research has also led to a critical revaluation of ancient wisdoms long ignored or rejected because of their assumed incompatibility with science.

And there’s a new movement in the world bringing together individuals of different nationalities, professions, and philosophical or spiritual preferences, who share in the view that there’s a fundamental unity underlying all of humanity and the world."

Why Conventional Assessment Tools Fall Short

There are all kinds of personal and business assessment tools out there that can give you insights into how a person thinks, believes or behaves. Typically, these tools require a person to take a test by answering a series of nebulous questions to determine which answers are “most like them.”
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Depending on the test, the person may answer differently depending on why they are taking the test. 
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Here are just a few examples of situations that can skew the results:

Hiring Process expectations.

Often people answer the questions based on what they think the employer wants or is looking for.

Overvalue themselves.

Some people want to look really good for their boss, their team, their employees so they answer based on what is going to make them "look good."

Undervalue themselves.

Some people are brilliant, yet they don't value themselves, so their answers are skewed from how they "really" are.

Based on their mood.

Some people may answer one way if they are in a good mood, yet answer very differently if they are annoyed, agitated or in an awful mood.

Changes over

People may take the assessment multiple times or at different times in their life and the results are dramatically different.

People are not good at self-assessment.

The truth is, no matter how hard we try, each of us as individuals are simply not good at assessing ourselves. Self-assessment is a mental process. What we are actually measuring, in most cases, is our own conditioning and shadows. We are not measuring or seeing our own unique genius. Instead we are putting ourselves in a box with labels.

How BG5 is Different.

Our assessment is not based on subjective questioning. Our method is based on only three pieces of factual data that do not change. What is most amazing is how accurate these three pieces of data can be in identifing someone's true innate gifts, talents, leadership style and unique genius.

Not only that, with these three pieces of data, we can:
  • Explain the interpersonal chemistry someone naturally has with others.
  • See how someone shines in a small group vs a large group or visa versa. 
  • See how well two people can work together, or not, based on their interpersonal chemistry.
  • See why some teams are wildly successful, while other teams fail.
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Achieve you goals

We deliver uniquely integrated people solutions.

BG5 Solutions can help each individual in your organization understand and acknowledge their most genuine self - in many cases, a self they may have been hiding or may have not been able to fully see. We've all been conditioned to 'be the same', to 'fit in' and not make waves. Now is the time to step forward and fully embrace ourselves and what we are designed to contribute.

Our services also help everyone know who works best with whom, in partnerships, small groups and larger teams and who works best alone.

Our Consultants

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