Stacy Rowan

I work with entrepreneurs who have been trying to create success in a very determined way by following what has worked for other people.

You are putting in a lot of energy and effort but aren’t seeing the results you want. Because you are not creating the level of success you dream of, you feel discouraged, blame yourself for the mistakes you have made, or think that you aren’t cut out for entrepreneurship.

What you really need is to find your own path and what works for you without you having to try to be like anyone else. This is where I help. Using BG5 I guide you in understanding how you are designed to be naturally successful. Along the way I offer practical alternatives to the actions you are taking in your business. Alternatives that will create better results with less effort.

I help you discover your own path to success so you can feel fulfilled both emotionally and materially.
BG5 Career & Business Consultant
BG5 Profit Potential Coach
“Career had been a mix of confusion and frustration for me. With BG5, I found answers to career questions I had been dragging with me for years! It’s such a relief! Now my business is a source of deep satisfaction!”

Stacy Rowan

BG5 Consultant,
Profit Potential Coach

Stacy's clients say...

"Before working with Stacy I spent A LOT of time figuring out how to do things by emulating others. I had success but it came with a lot of effort and strife. What I  have gained as a result of working with Stacy is an unwavering ability to know who I am, how I work best (and with whom), what my natural talents and strengths are and how to use them for my benefit. Freedom and success come from deeply knowing who you are and operating from that place."  
~ Michelle Johnston
"I describe my experience of learning my human design through Stacy as the most profound insight and coaching experiences I have ever had! Understanding my decision-making process and the design dynamics of my small team has been helpful as I navigate my growing business, and it felt like my intuition and internal knowing was validated by this process. In just a few months my business growth has accelerated because I am navigating decisions and opportunities with more self-awareness, clarity and confidence. Every entrepreneur should experience a Design Analysis and save themselves years of doubt and uncertainty! Stacy is the gift we all need to give ourselves as leaders in our business!"  

~ Diane Lloyd