BG5 Solutions Conversations

Listen in while we discuss how BG5 impacts us in our lives and how it can help you make a difference in your work and life.
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Express Builder Connection Huddle

Chris, Shelley & Stacy take us through a preview of what the Career Type Connection Huddles can be like. A chance to connect with others of the same Career Type to get a deeper understanding of the nuances in your own design.
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Transforming Business through Human Potential

Listen to Banu and Boris talk about how to transform your business through tapping into the Human Potential you already have.
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Empowering Human Potential in Life, Leadership & Business

How the BG5 Success Codes impact our lives as individuals and while working together in small and large groups.
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The Hidden Mechanics of Team Dynamics

Exploring the invisible mechanics at play when we come together. Some great realizations in this episode about true diversity in the workplace.

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