Boris Nedwed

Boris is fueled by an unwavering passion for sharing the transformative power of Human Design knowledge, coupled with over two decades of senior managerial experience in IT, Finance, Audit, Risk & Controls, Business Process Engineering, and a wealth of international cultural exposure. His journey has uniquely equipped him to cultivate a business environment that thrives on individual growth, ignites leadership excellence, fosters cohesive team dynamics, and drives overall company success.
With an amalgamation of Human Design wisdom and his comprehensive senior managerial experience, he's dedicated to shaping an environment where individuals flourish, leadership is visionary, teams harmonize, and companies thrive. Together with him you embark on a journey that transforms your business landscape into one of boundless growth, uncharted opportunities, and unwavering success.
Certified BG5 Consultant
BG5 Business Cycles Consultant
OC16 Large Business Student
"In acknowledging the unique energies within and among us, we unlock an endless reservoir of potential. This fuels a journey toward personal, team, and organizational success that is as remarkable as it is genuine. Simple in concept, ambitious in scope, I aim to change the corporate business world by putting the 'Human in the Center'."

Boris Nedwed

Certified NLP Coach, Human Design Analyst and
BG5 Career & Business Consultant
BG5 Business Cycles Consultant
BG5 Interview Series

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