Chris Montoya

I’m driven to help people live and work on purpose! Being a BG5 Consultant with degrees in Fine Arts & Corporate Training, I help people excavate their personal bests, foster leadership solutions for their teams, and connect to their life’s work to bring ‘in the box’ evolution.
Certified BG5 Consultant
BG5 Business Cycles Consultant
OC16 Large Business Student
 “Living with profound choice is the gift of BG5. Discovering your unique career design gives you a clear choice to leverage your design in real life and live on purpose or not."

Chris Montoya

BG5 Consultant
BG5 Business Cycles Consultant
OC16 Student 

Chris' clients say...

Before working with Chris I worried about the hard truths I would have to deal with from our BG5 consultation with my team. Coming to terms with my own leadership shortcomings from the analysis wasn't surprising and seeing the underlying issues and dynamics gave me clarity.

His commitment to my team was incredible, pacing along with me as I understood the ideas and applications to my team.

What feels miraculous was some of the solutions Chris recommended – even simple recommendations including some tweaks to staffing and team meetings based on our career designs – leaving no stone unturned.

I can really see what's possible for our team! 
~ Amani M., New Mexico USA
I have trouble applying abstract principles to my own situation even wondering if I'm doing it correctly. My fears about sales with my need to know my right work and approach were beautifully resolved. 

Some things confirmed my intuition, but an important result, which I wasn't consciously aware of, is that my head and body aren't connected. That explained my tendency to create in a vacuum without first making sure anyone would want it.

The depth of the analysis left no stone unturned! Other modalities have given me pieces of insights, but this not only confirmed those previous insights, but it went even further in the topics and the depth of explanation.

Most valuable experience was having you explain everything. 
~ Summer T., Author & Trainer, Florida USA