Karen Sherwood

Empowering Human Potential is my passion! I have been working with BG5 & Human Design for over 14 Years and teaching this information for nearly a decade. As a BG5 Consultant and Instructor with a degree in communications, I love helping leaders communicate more effectively, supporting individuals to fully utilize their unique gifts and talents, and building solid, productive work teams. 

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BG5 Cycles Certification

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BG5 Profit Potential Certification

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Certified BG5 Consultant
& Instructor
OC16 Large Business Consultant
& Instructor
BG5 Profit Potential Coach
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BG5 Business Cycles Consultant
& Instructor
Living Your Design Guide
Rave ABC & Rave Cartography Teacher
"The BG5 Success System is by far the most powerful system I have worked with personally and professionally." 

Karen Sherwood

BG5 Consultant and Instructor

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