Shelley Finerty

As an experienced problem solver and troubleshooter, I am skilled at listening to the real issues in an organization or in an individual's life. I present practical solutions to help you transform by empowering you to make necessary changes. 

I help you embrace what only you can contribute and show you where you will thrive by nurturing your leadership abilities. Having experienced corporate burnout, I provide unique insight into what leads to burnout for both individuals and leaders in a business.

If you're overwhelmed and keep doing the same things over and over again, confused about what else to do, I provide support to help you take charge and get things back in balance.
BG5 Career & Business Consultant
OC16 Large Business Consultant
BG5 Profit Potential Coach
BG5 Business Cycles Consultant
"BG5 is the first system I've found that provides accurate and effective solutions for mastering how we can work together optimally and improve our lives and transform how business is done."

Shelley Finerty

BG5 & OC16 Consultant,
BG5 Career & Business Cycles and
Profit Potential Coach
NLP Master Practitioner
BG5 Interview Series

Meet Shelley

Hear Shelley's journey with discovering and using the BG5 System.
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What Shelley's clients say

Shelley provided an incredible experience for me, helping me understand clearly my own human design. So many of the points she brought up speak to my life experience, this valuable information will help me be true to myself as I travel down my path. 
~ Heather Mitchell
I had the wonderful opportunity to experience BG5 with Shelley. I am a retired teacher and I certainly would have benefitted from this experience years ago! I would highly recommend this service for any and all school districts at the district level, down to individual schools, grade groups, and within the classroom with students. The insight they could achieve would make learning at all levels successful. 
~ Alison Kirby