Align with Your Design


Do you want new more effective ways of growing and running your business?
Are you looking for the best ways to market and to attract and retain clients?
Do you want to know the unique path to the success you crave?

Running a business can be deeply satisfying and also a bit scary. You can be in business for yourself but don't have to be by yourself.

BG5 Coaching can help you understand your leadership abilities, your true business skills and the natural way to market your products and services. It can also help eliminate wasted effort and attract others to support you with things you're not designed to do.

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Benefits of our Coaching

Our coaches have specialized training in helping you understand your own uniqueness, align to it and discover your natural leaderships strengths based on your design.

Be You.

Are you deeply fulfilled by delivering your product or services?
Or are you doing what you think you should to earn a living or make money?

We can help empower you to live your true potential.

Business Skills.

Are you trying to do everything yourself?
Or do you have a team around you who can do the things that aren't your strengths?

We can help you recognize your true skills and those things you may be doing that you don't like that are draining your energy.


Do you understand your own leadership talents?
Can you make effective decisions that you can trust?
Are you aware of what may be holding you back?
Do you know how to identify where you need support?

We can help you uncover your own hidden leadership attributes.

Get to know our Coaches

We have decades of coaching and consulting experience working with individuals helping them clearly identify their problems and provide them with solutions to meet their goals.
Using the BG5 System, NLP, Mindset Coaching and other tools, we help you see yourself in a whole new light. We help you discover your natural business skills, who you are designed to serve and how you naturally attract your clients.
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Stacy Rowan

As business owners we are taught there is only one right way to create a successful business, whether it actually works for us or not. With BG5, you can forget that advice.
I teach you how YOU are designed to be successful so you can focus on the work you love and experience the emotional and financial fulfillment you feel when you deliver great products and services to your customers
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Shelley Finerty

If you've been working for someone else and realize there is a deep need in you to work for yourself but you've never done that before, I can help.
Using your design as a guide, we can discover the people you naturally attract that need the help only you can provide. By helping you let go of your fears and  conditioning, you'll see how to start your own business, market yourself naturally and be at ease in the process.

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