Business Solutions

Our unique consulting services provide business owners of small and large organizations with cutting edge solutions that redefine the way we work together.
We provide outstanding solutions that will empower leaders, make business teams thrive, advance careers, build businesses and enrich lives in this new era.

How BG5 Helps Leaders


  • Are your people truly engaged in their work?
  • Do they know what their strengths are and where they best fit in your organization?

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We can support you and empower your employees to find and live their true potential.

Business Teams

  • Are your teams productive?
  • Or are they faced with ongoing challenges that never seem to go away?
  • Are you dealing with the same issues over and over again?
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We can show you the underlying team dynamics that may be holding them back.


  • Do you understand your own leadership talents?
  • Are you aware of what may be holding you back?
  • Do you know how to find your allies?
  • Can you make effective decisions that you can trust?
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We can help you uncover your own hidden leadership abilities.


  • Are you hearing rumblings from your workers? Discontent or disengagement?
  • Complaints over work-life balance?
  • Concerns over not enough potential for gaining a higher position, more pay?
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We can help you realign your people by tapping into each individual's potential.

Get to know our Business Consultants

We have 50+ years of corporate experience managing teams, projects and leading sales. We're passionate about focusing on the potential of each unique individual in your organization to see where they can shine.
Injecting our business experience with proficiency in multiple different tools and methods, we help you see your people in a whole new light. We can show you the underlying energy dynamics when people work together to bring maximum effectiveness for the business and fulfillment for your people.

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