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Want to know if you'll work well together?
Already in a partnership and having challenges?

BG5 provides unique insight into the dynamics of what happens between two people when they work together. Those things others do that drive you nuts? They may not be doing them intentionally. It may just be the hidden mechanics and it can still feel very personal.

We help you navigate the difficult conversations and situations by helping you understand each other better helping you set boundaries and clear expectations.

A Partnership Analysis will give you a blueprint of the mechanics between you to help you navigate your ongoing relationship dynamics.

We're here to uncover new ways of working

We're here to help in this transitory time. The world of business and work are changing in a way we've not seen since the Industrial Revolution. We provide the support to empower you to share your gifts with the world. We see your uniqueness in your design chart and coach you to find the best environment and work situation where you can thrive. When we focus on the unique contribution of each individual the whole organization can thrive. 

Changing Times

The world is entering a new era focused on the Individual. These times offer a great opportunity for humanity to embrace our full potential. Building awareness of what is really happening can help settle the anxiety of the chaotic changes happening around the globe.

Breakthrough Experiences

We provide coaching experiences that prepare you for the very real, changing world. We lead conversations in context based on what we can see in your design to allow you to discover your unique perspective and talents. We provide a community for ongoing support as you give yourself permission to embrace your full potential. 

Forward Thinking

We believe in our own on-going development to stay one step ahead of this change. We are all designed to play specific roles and we are a team of experts, pioneers, leaders, and solutions providers. This ensures our clients receive quality coaching and consulting while learning how to adapt.
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Discover how you work in Partnership

While anyone can work in a partnership, it is easier when the dynamics mesh. Some partners need a lot of alone time to get their work done. Others want to move faster or slower than their partner.
These are challenges we can help you understand and appreciate about each other. 
We provide insight into your unique partnership design through:
  • A Solution Session
  • Individual Career Design Overviews
  • Partnership Analysis

BG5 for Relationship Dynamics

Working with others can be great and if your design is meant to be collaborative it is essential. Knowing how your energy is meant to be utilized best and seeing how that lines up with your partner's energy can be very eye-opening. Learning even this most basic information can be the difference between a solid working relationship and one that is challenging.

Meet our Consultants ~ Specializing in Partnership Analysis

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Shelley Finerty
Since I was young, whenever two people were having challenges communicating, I was able to hear how they were misunderstanding each other. I can hear what isn't being said and bring it to the forefront to clarify communication between others.

I am also able to see each person's perspective and hold space for each to be heard.

I love clearing up what might otherwise turn into hurt feelings, misunderstandings and painful situations that can be difficult to let go of.

My intention is always to help each person understand their uniqueness and their partner's uniqueness too bringing respect and empathy in the process.

My practice is to always 'Seek first to understand, then be understood' and I love helping others let go of misconceptions or beliefs about themselves or the other that they may only be seeing because of our own innate biases.

I'd love to help you clear up any confusion about how each of you do things differently so you can embrace the things each of you are good at and allow the other to do what they're good at.
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Chris Montoya
Have you ever witnessed two people who think they can make a partnership work, but you see that it likely won’t work, and the person they might work well with they haven’t considered? It’s happened to all of us at some point.

In the world of successful partnerships, effective communication is key. But often, we lack the awareness to gauge if a partnership is right for us, leading to confusion and dysfunction. That's where I come in. I specialize in helping vibrant, talented individuals navigate their relationships with clarity and ease.

Through personalized partnership analysis, I uncover the unique interpersonal dynamics between two individuals, offering valuable insights as a blueprint and recommendations for fostering better collaboration and success.

Let's discover
the ultimate way for you to relate and collaborate in partnership, whether it's in your work together or personal life.
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Empowering Your Career - Programs

Get started by learning about your Career Type and how your energy works regeneratively. Learn how to set boundaries for yourself to navigate your career in a healthy way. Stop prioritizing doing whatever you 'think' you have to do in order to make progress. Learn how to align with your natural energy resource and attract the right opportunities and people to you instead of feeling like you have to 'chase' your career.
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