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Do you feel like you can't keep facing the stress and overwhelm of your current job? Are you are looking for what's next? Do you feel there is a purpose to your life that you haven't yet fulfilled? Are you ready to align to that purpose for deeper fulfillment and more abundance in your life?

Our BG5 coaches will guide you to discover your strengths and passions and help you come to know who you are and what you are really meant to be doing. Learn how to align with your innermost self to do what you really want to do and get paid for it.


Helping you make the transition to a better career.


Empowering your talents and abilities for a more fulfilling career.
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We help you realize your full potential 

Earn a living by 'being you'. Let go of all the distractions that get in the way of you fully being yourself. See how these distractions are actually areas where you are meant to collaborate with others. Find out how you are designed to be of service and who you're meant to serve. We can show you the problems that only your unique strengths and gifts can solve.

We're here to uncover new ways of working

We're here to help in this transitory time. The world of business and work are changing in a way we've not seen since the Industrial Revolution. We provide the support to empower you to share your gifts with the world. We see your uniqueness in your design chart and coach you to find the best environment and work situation where you can thrive. When we focus on the unique contribution of each individual the whole organization can thrive. 

Changing Times

The world is entering a new era focused on the Individual. These times offer a great opportunity for humanity to embrace our full potential. Building awareness of what is really happening can help settle the anxiety of the chaotic changes happening around the globe.

Breakthrough Experiences

We provide coaching experiences that prepare you for the very real, changing world. We lead conversations in context based on what we can see in your design to allow you to discover your unique perspective and talents. We provide a community for ongoing support as you give yourself permission to embrace your full potential. 

Forward Thinking

We believe in our own on-going development to stay one step ahead of this change. We are all designed to play specific roles and we are a team of experts, pioneers, leaders, and solutions providers. This ensures our clients receive quality coaching and consulting while learning how to adapt.
— What we offer

Discover Your Genuine Self

We are all about putting the people at the center of our attention. We know that all businesses are made up of people and if the people are satisfied and feel successful, the business will be successful. 
We provide insight into your unique design through:
  • 30 min Solution Session
  • Your Career Design Blueprint
  • Your Business Skills
  • Your Life Work & Purpose
  • Making Money by Design
  • Your Best Work Environment
— Level up

BG5 Design for Career Change or Advancement

Have you hit a wall or burned out in your career? Are you continuing to do the same things because your confused about what else you can do? Discovering your BG5 Career Design will help you know how to make better decisions for your way forward. We can help you chart a new direction and provide potential options for moving forward.

Meet our Coaches

~ Specializing in Career Burnout Transitioning
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Shelley Finerty
I've worked in large organizations throughout my career and have found both satisfaction and frustration. I've worked in places where people were trusted to get their work done and work was fun and productive as everyone contributed their part. I've watched as this culture disappeared with new leadership with devastating affects.

I've burned myself out a few times and typically it was when the environment changed to one less trusting of it's people.

Now that I understand my design and the dynamics at play in a large organization and in small teams, I'm much more selective about where and who I work with to protect my own energy. 

I can show how your energy contributes to small and large groups and how to set clear boundaries for yourself so that you can have a more fulfilling work-life balance.

Are you ready to move up in your current career? Or perhaps you're ready for a totally new career?
I work with those who have hit a wall and are confused about what else they can do. Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again unsure of what else there is?

Let's explore your design together so you can connect deeply with a career or business that will truly allow you to fulfill your life purpose.

~ Specializing in Career Alignment
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Chris Montoya
As a seasoned Human Resources Leader with experience across Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, government, and small businesses, I've witnessed the costly consequences of mismatches between individuals and their work roles. I'm here to ensure you never experience that frustration.

Feeling stuck in your career? Longing for a change but unsure of the path forward?

I understand the struggle firsthand, having navigated through dead-end 
jobs myself. But rest assured, your talents are valuable, and there's a fulfilling path waiting for you. Even if you doubt your value, remember: you're an essential part of the human work tapestry, weaving your work into spiritual growth. My role is to serve as your career analysis mirror, providing an objective perspective to uncover your unique strengths and gifts. Together, we'll tailor solutions and explore new possibilities aligned with your true potential. 
Through countless consultations, I've come to realize that everyone is perfectly designed to fulfill their potential. Your personalized analysis will illuminate your best contributions and open doors to new opportunities. Embracing your uniqueness can transform your work and empower you to achieve your life's purpose.

Let's embark on this journey together and unlock the 
path to your professional fulfillment.

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Empowering Your Career - Programs

Get started by learning about your Career Type and how your energy works regeneratively. Learn how to set boundaries for yourself to navigate your career in a healthy way. Stop prioritizing doing whatever you 'think' you have to do in order to make progress. Learn how to align with your natural energy resource and attract the right opportunities and people to you instead of feeling like you have to 'chase' your career.
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