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Semester 3 - BG5 Business Consultant Certification Program

The goal and emphasis of the BG5 Consultant Certification training is on analysis, synthesis, and presentation. We’ll combine the foundation material from the BG5 Foundation Course with the actual methodologies you’ll use with your clients, as well as explore the interactions and dynamics of Unified Group Analysis. Upon completion of the BG5 Consultant Certification Course, you’ll have the knowledge, tools, resources, and experience needed to work effectively with your clients to guide and support them in their individual careers and businesses.
  • Prerequisite: BG5 Certification - Semester 1
  • Duration: 10 two hour classes
  • Instructor: Karen Sherwood
  • Day:  Wednesdays at 16:00 UTC (9am Pacific)
  • Starting: May 14, 2025 - July 23rd
    Break June 18th
Becoming a BG5 Certified Consultant

Course Information

Course Refund Policy
Required Material
Wednesdays 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 AM EST /
17:00 UTC until March 11th then 16:00

The BG5 Business Consultant Certification Program is 3 Semesters.

Semester 3

Learn how to deliver an Alpha One Leadership and Small Business Penta Analysis. You will learn how to work with team leaders, managers, and business owners in engineering effective groups. You will also get an in depth look at how to provide an Alpha One Leadership analysis and understand the fundamentals of different aspects of the team dynamics of a small group or business.

In this Course we will:

  • Explore the 12 Business Skills from a team perspective
  • Discover the importance of Gap Analysis in determining the success or struggle of a small group or team
  • Learn how to fine-tune a group for even greater effectiveness and efficiency
  • Look at how to successfully engineer a business’s growth to support its continued expansion
  • And much more!

At the end of this course, and once all projects are turned in and approved, you will receive your certification as a BG5 Career and Business Consultant!

Audit Price to retake the course:
Please inquire at karen@bg5solutions.com

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Course Refund Policy

Course Registration
We offer two options when registering for a course:

Option 1) Register one semester at a time
Option 2) Register with a package

When registering for a course with Option 1 or Option 2, payment in full is expected at the time of registration. Payment plans are a courtesy to our students with a monthly payment plan agreement. Monthly payment plans begin upon registration regardless of the course start date.

The courses purchased in a package come with items associated with a cost. These are released as the course progresses.

If a student would like to withdraw from a course, they should contact karen@bg5Solutions.com to make the request. A student can withdraw or at any time; however, withdrawals made after the third class during a semester will result in no refund or loss of any credit. Requests to withdraw must be made before the third class and in writing to the email above. If a student decides to withdraw from a course(s), I will review the student’s account to determine cost recovery for any items or classes received to date.

Please read our additional refund policy details below:

* Depending upon the circumstances, a credit may be left on the student account if the student is anticipating registering for a future course offering.
* Once a student is ready to use their credit, they should email karen@bg5solutions to enroll in a new course.
* The student must request to hold credit for future courses before the third class in writing, or the student forfeits their credit.
* A $250 administrative processing fee is required.


* A student may request a transfer from the course and semester they are enrolled into a future course and semester.
* The student must make this request before the third class in writing, or the student forfeits their transfer opportunity.
* A $250 administrative processing fee is required.

* Refund requests must be made in writing before the third class to receive a refund.
* Monthly payments generally do not qualify for a refund unless they have been paid in advance of the course and semester starting.
* A $250 administrative processing fee is required.
* Any purchased toolkits will be removed from the students’ Subscriptions without a refund.
* All digital products (toolkits, videos, reference manuals, etc.) are non-refundable.

* Once you purchase the BG5 License and software there are no refunds for the course.

Administration Fee
* We reserve the right to charge a non-refundable administration processing fee for all course withdrawal requests, including credits, transfers, and refunds.


Wednesdays 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 AM EST /
17:00 UTC until March 11th then 16:00

Required Material

Strongly Recommended Materials:

BG5 Career Design Overview and Full Analysis Toolkits: Overview Toolkit ($500.00) can be purchased during Semester 1 and the Full Toolkit ($1,000.00) can be purchased during semester 2.

Required Materials:

BG5 Consultant Student Resource Manual Set of 3: Student Manuals

BG5BI License and Software are required to complete your official certification. The License gives you permission to use this copy-written material with your clients. After Semester 2 begins, and after you have submitted and have approval of your Semester 1 project, you can purchase the BG5BI License and Software.

Note: The one-time License fee of $750.00 is due by the end of Semester 2. When the License fee has been paid, you will receive an acknowledgment letter that you can now purchase the BG5 MMI software. The desktop version of the software is a one-time fee of $599.00. The MMI online software version is $199/year. Both are purchased at Jovian Archive. Once you purchase the BG5 License and software there are no refunds.

Final Certification: As a reminder, in order to become certified and continue with the education program, you will need to complete all prerequisites, purchase the required materials, class assignments, attend or review all classes, sign the student and professional integrity agreement, and successfully complete the final project for each semester.
Wednesdays 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 AM EST /
17:00 UTC until March 11th then 16:00

Recommended Materials

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Karen Sherwood

Karen Sherwood is one of the leading pioneers and authorities in BG5 - Human Design for Business.  As an instructor for the BG5 Business Institute and former Director of Training, Marketing and Educational Development, Karen helped launch the BG5 Business Institute and helped develop the course curriculum and training materials.

In addition to being an Instructor, Karen is also a director at BG5Solutions.com - a BG5 Career & Business Consulting Firm empowering individuals, teams and leaders in their career and business as a Certified BG5, OC16, Profit Potential and Cycles Consultant.

Karen has worked with and taught BG5/Human Design for over a decade and has over 25 years of management experience. Karen brings her knowledge and real world field experience to both her training and work with clients and has a passion for getting this information out into the world.