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Express Builder
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Exclusive LIVE Sessions!
March 8th & 15th
9am-12pm PST (17:00 UTC)

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With BG5 Consultants

Shelley Finerty

Classic Builder

Stacy Rowan

Pure Express Builder

Chris Montoya

Express Builder
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Coaching Conversation
Join us as Shelley facilitates and Express Builders, Stacy and Chris, lead the conversation with great insights and awareness. See how this works in real life!
Share your experience
We're collecting feedback from others who have been living with their design for some time and those who are brand new too. We all have a unique perspective to share.
Participate. Build Awareness.

Discover more about yourself and others in your life who may be Express Builders. Deeply align and let go of any lingering conditioning stopping you from living as your genuine self.

Join Shelley, Chris and Stacy in a BG5 Coaching Conversation about living with awareness as an Express Builder. Is it Correct or Conditioning? Come join other Express Builders and see the unique ways this type can be experienced!

Come and share your questions and experiences with two certified BG5 Consultants who are Express Builders. Stacy and Chris will tell you what it has been like for them to discover this life changing information that has had a big impact in how they navigate real life and their careers/businesses.

We're also curious to hear from you whether you're aware of your true nature as an Express Builder or are another type but want to understand how Express Builders function, or even if this is all new to you. This is a safe space to discover these aspects of yourself.

Join us to learn how Express Builders live in real life and share your experiences as you recognize your own journey and the journeys of other people in your life, in these stories.

Early Bird Price: $50 off!

Expires Mar 1st @ midnight

What's included?

  • Unique learning

    Discover your unique design with expert BG5 Coaching to guide you.
  • Live Session

    Join other Express Builders who are learning about themselves as well. Share your experiences and learn from others. 
  • Discuss with others

    Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, have your questions answered. Practice being in partnership and small groups.