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What's in Store for JULY 2024

Navigating the Collective Matrix Series

This is a pivotal year in the major global shift between the Era of Planning and the Era of the Individual. Get support and connection to help you navigate successfully through these crazy shifting time we live in.  July is the year's half-way mark - beginning to enter into the years climax where everything starts to come together, yet at the same time moves backwards for review.   Hold on your hats - it's going to be a wild ride!
  • Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Duration:  One Month
    (Part of 12 Month Annual Package)
  • Live Group Sessions:  Two 90 Min Sessions
  • Includes:  Weekly Energy Updates, Calendar of changes in BG5 Terminology
  • Coach: Karen Sherwood

What's included?

2 Live Zoom Sessions
  • Two Live Sessions

    Connect live on Zoom with like-minded individuals from around the world twice a month to understand the energy dynamics of the upcoming weeks and month. This gives you an opportunity to be prepared for the ups and downs of the coming year, ask question and be supported during this major year of change.  All sessions are recorded if you can not attend live and include a session handout of the presentation.
  • Monthly Calendar

    Be able track your experience along with a monthly  calendar all in BG5 Terminology for a more practical application of the monthly energy shifts and changes.
  • Weekly Core Theme Updates

    The core themes shift on a weekly basis.  Get weekly updates to keep you on track, aligned, aware and prepared on a weekly basis.
  • Forum Community Connection

    Opportunity to connect and get support from fellow program members throughout the year to share your experiences and learn from each other.

Karen Sherwood

Karen has a passion for supporting and empowering individual, leaders and teams in navigating the challenging times we live in. As an Instructor at the BG5 Business Institute and Founding Partner at BG5 Solutions, she has the ability to make complex topics simple to understand and practical in making a difference in your life, career and business.