The Art of Rulership: A Guide to Leadership and Community Building

Jun 7 / Shelley Finerty

Leadership takes on many forms, but one of the most fascinating and effective types is Trait 45 - Rulership. This form of leadership centers around gathering people together, ensuring their needs are met, and fostering a harmonious environment. Let's delve into how Rulership can be applied to expand a business or community.

Gathering and Manifesting

If you have this trait in your design, especially if it is part of your Life Work theme, as a ruler, you possess a unique ability to gather people and resources. Your natural authority and guidance help manifest what is needed to expand your sphere of influence, whether in business or community settings. This role is crucial in protecting material resources and ensuring harmony among those you lead.

The Role of the Ruler

Your role as a ruler is not about doing the work yourself. Instead, it involves being the voice that confidently declares, "I have." Your primary responsibility is to protect what you have and use it generously on behalf of those under your protection. This generosity helps maintain peace and prosperity within your 'kingdom' or your sphere of influence.

Power and Modern Leadership

You are here to be offered (or to exercise) power. In current times, this translates to the boardrooms of the corporate world as CEOs. The role of a modern ruler aligns with the responsibilities and influence of a Chief Executive Officer, where your leadership skills can steer an entire organization towards success.

Delegation and Management

One key aspect of effective rulership is recognizing the importance of delegation. While you are in charge, you must direct others and trust them to do the work. This means delegating the management responsibilities to someone capable while ensuring you still receive the best rewards for your leadership. When you interfere with the manager's role or when they attempt to take more than their share, tension arises. 

This is a natural tension point in any organization - the managers doing the daily work often feel unnoticed or that they don't get the same recognition as the CEO, who in their mind may be unnecessary given that the manager and their people are doing all the work.

This makes it really important for the CEO to recognize their management team and their efforts regularly, cheering them on and inspiring everyone with their vision. That is your role as the top leader - along with ensuring everyone has what they need to do their jobs well. 

Educating Your People

Another vital component of rulership is the education of your community. The more educated your tribe, the more successful and harmonious it becomes. Your role as a ruler includes providing the necessary resources and guidance to uplift your community through knowledge and education. Removing barriers and providing the right materials, supplies, equipment and training for your people to be successful leads the entire organization to success.

Embracing Rulership

To embrace your role as a ruler effectively:

  • Gather and Guide: Use your natural authority to bring people together and guide them towards common goals.
  • Protect Resources: Ensure the material resources of your community or business are well-protected and used wisely.
  • Delegate Wisely: Delegate management tasks to trusted individuals while maintaining your role as the primary protector and benefactor.
  • Educate and Empower: Focus on educating your community to enhance their success and, in turn, the overall harmony of your environment.
  • Exercise Power Responsibly: Recognize the power you hold in modern settings such as corporate boardrooms and use it to lead with integrity and vision.


Rulership as a type of leadership is about more than just authority; it's about using that authority generously and wisely. By gathering people together, protecting resources, delegating effectively, educating your community, and exercising power responsibly, you can ensure harmony and prosperity in your business or community. Embrace your role as a ruler, and watch as your kingdom thrives.