Don't waste what you have got

Apr 10 / Boris Nedwed

"Don't waste what you have got"
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I was just sitting at my desk and "had some other things to do" when I received an email with a link. First I thought "What is that?" and "Why should I watch the video that is mentioned in there without further explanation"? And I don't have time now. 
Guess what? Something I cannot describe with my mind urged me to start to watch the video. It was a video from Ra from a Human Design event in Ibiza on April 8, 2009. 
And one particular sentence hooked me up and this sentence is the title of this blog.

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The mind is not here to control us. As human beings we are here to experience uniquely.
Here is what just came out for me. 

The Control Room of the Mind

One of the most striking aspects of Human Design is its perspective on the mind's role in our lives.
Often, we let our minds control us, leading to decisions and actions misaligned with our true selves.
This control room of the mind, as Ra Uru Hu vividly describes, is where much of society's conditioning takes root, steering us away from our individual paths and experiences.
It's here that we're taught to value logic over intuition, societal expectations over personal desires, and conformity over uniqueness.

The Journey of Deconditioning

Human Design offers a roadmap for deconditioning, for freeing ourselves from the mind's control and the heavy layers of societal expectations.
This process is not about rejecting the mind altogether but about understanding its proper place in our lives. The mind is a tool for processing and sharing experiences, not the authority that should dictate our choices and actions.

Embracing our Human Design chart's insights allows us to see the gifts and strengths we inherently possess.
However, as Ra Uru Hu reminds us, understanding our chart is just the beginning. The true transformation occurs when we live out this knowledge, making decisions aligned with our strategy and authority, and engaging with the world in a way that resonates with our true selves.

Waking Up and Taking Responsibility

Waking up, in the context of Human Design, means recognizing that we're not here to live a life prescribed by external pressures.
It's about taking responsibility for our own lives, making choices that align with our design, and experiencing life as it's meant for us.
This awakening is deeply personal and liberating, allowing us to experience the richness of life untouched by homogenization.

Living Your Design

The wisdom of Human Design—depicted in a chartis—is, indeed, just information until we decide to live it.
The chart can outline our potentials, challenges, and paths to fulfillment, but these insights remain abstract until we integrate them into our daily lives. Living your design is a courageous act of authenticity, a continuous process of aligning with your true nature amidst a world that often pushes conformity.
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Ra Uru Hu's message invites us to explore and embrace our uniqueness, to question the dominance of the mind, and to embark on the liberating journey of deconditioning.
By doing so, we open ourselves to the true experience of being alive—living in accordance with our design.
This path is not always easy, as it requires us to confront deeply ingrained beliefs and societal norms.
However, the reward is a life of authenticity, where each decision and experience is rooted in the truth of who we are.

"Don't waste what you have got" is not just a call to appreciate our inherent gifts but also a reminder that the most fulfilling life is one lived true to oneself.
That for me is true authenticity.