Diversity: The Love of Humanity

Jun 17 / Shelley Finerty

The diversity of all beings on this planet, knowing that we are all one and connected is the love of humanity. We are all unique souls expressing our individuality as part of a greater whole.

Each of us is needed, important and has something unique to contribute. Without each of our voices, we are flat, soulless, missing pieces of our greater self that are necessary for our forward movement and growth.
As the era of the Individual approaches, we are being guided, tested, motivated, pushed and even shocked into seeing the beauty of the tapestry of humanity. The conditioning that has homogenized us into being someone we are not - being the same as someone else to gain attention, popularity, love and acceptance is falling away as we let go and trust that within each of us lies our unique soul and purpose for being on this planet.

Diversity is required for the long term survival of a species. The biodiversity of our planet is a key indicator of the health of our ecosystem as it provides the core benefit for humans. Without variety, the system collapses. Life is constantly changing, moving us forward through cycles of birth, death and rebirth transforming us into something new.

These are cycles we watch with wonder, getting stuck in our heads with our fears thinking we must 'do' something about them. Nature and life are much stronger than all of us and we need to take our signals from there as we are a part of nature too.

Co-creating with Life

We are as much a part of life and nature as the trees, forests, lakes, rivers, oceans and animals to the air we breath in and out together. Without the diversity of humanity, we would be missing important pieces of the puzzle. Each of us brings a unique perspective, a unique contribution that only we can see and bring. The transformation we are going through is the challenge of letting go of the conditioning that makes us think we can do it all with our minds and through planning.

The opposite is the truth. The more we try to fix things with our minds through planning, or forcing our ideas into the world, the more we meet resistance. The bargain we've lived with for the past 400 years has been, 'if you do this, you'll get that result' no longer applies and is quickly fading away. We need to get back in tune with nature and the natural cycles that exist so that we can flow with them instead of thinking we have any control over them.

Listening, waiting, paying attention to what we notice in our body intelligence and following our body's messages is what will put us in the right place, at the right time, with the right people who can solve the big problems we're facing. Listening to each other to really see and hear one another, taking in what we hear with our full body and soul instead of analyzing it with our minds and formulating responses before we've fully listened is what is needed in these changing times.

Love of Humanity

Love others as yourself. This means you must first love and accept yourself by 'being you'. Shedding the conditioning messages you've received throughout your life about who you think you have to be to be loved have been created in an illusion of what we thought life was about. We've been focused on surviving on the planet and through history this has taken so many manipulative struggles for power to survive. It required that we get to the top of the ladder to have full control - or that's what we thought. If we didn't do that, someone else would and we would be the ones being controlled. This has been a fierce fight.

The era of control is fading and it will be more important now as we move into the next era to learn how to work together collaboratively, co-operatively to make the best use of all of our unique perspectives. This requires that we let go of our own agendas, our own planning or forcing a scenario to work out the way we want it to to allow for the wisdom of the team or collective. This is no small task and means we need to learn how to love the uniqueness of each individual allowing their talents to be seen and for them to be fully heard. By encouraging each other to relax and contribute our unique perspective to the conversation without fear of being reprimanded, excluded or ignored, we can begin to move with the flow of life instead of against it.

Who knows what we can co-create together with the flow of life until we let go of trying to control it with our minds and get into the flow with ourselves and each other. Life, or the universe, or whatever you call the super intelligent energy source has brought me more amazing things than I could ever have imagined on my own. This only happened once I let go of trying and started 'feeling' what I wanted, surrendered the thought and watched in amazement as I followed my body around to discover the fullness life offers when I am aligned in myself and with life.

It is only through accepting and loving the full diversity of ourselves, our uniqueness, our strengths and our shadows, that we can truly learn how to love the diversity humanity.