Being a Builder

Jun 18 / Boris Nedwed
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I have lived the longest part of my life as a Builder without even knowing it. Builders are the ones who "do things"—those who work, have power, and possess boundless energy when all is going well. However, when things go wrong, frustration quickly kicks in. Representing 70% of the world’s population, Builders are essential because there is a lot of work to be done in this world. I can relate to this deeply. My life—whether private or professional—has been characterized by constant doing. Some tasks came very easily, while others felt hard and tedious.

Builders have this magical embedded engine, a powerful battery that gives them their energy—their gut. And this “gut feeling” that so many people talk about in their decision-making is, for me, the major part. The gut reacts and responds to triggers that come from the outside world to the Builder. I have so many vivid memories of “gut reactions” that I'll delve into in more detail later.
Yet, there are other parts in my design that come into play. A design that is made for a purpose. There are characteristics of feelings of worthlessness, missing direction, a hunger for obscure topics, and the pervasive influence of conditioning and homogenization.

Growing up, I faced considerable pressure from societal norms and expectations. My parents' well-meaning advice to pursue stable, secure jobs conflicted with my internal drive and sense of purpose. I knew deep down that such paths would never bring me fulfillment. This internal conflict was a constant source of tension, as I navigated the expectations placed upon me while trying to stay true to myself.

In school, I struggled with the standard learning methods that never seemed to make sense to me. My life is full of such experiences that started to make sense only after I began my own experiment with Human Design. Gradually, bits and pieces fell into place, leading to the realization that my life was meant to unfold in this unique way. The three stages of my life, as defined by my public role or profile in Human Design, became clear: the first 20 years were a trial-and-error period, the next 30 years involved deepening my learning experiences, and these phases prepared me to see a greater sense in my life.

The Grande Finale of this journey was my decision to resign from a well-paid corporate job—a move that baffled colleagues and family alike, who thought I was foolish to leave the safe haven just a few years before early retirement. They believed I should wait to enjoy life. But for me, life happens in the moment, and waiting was never an option.

I have come to realize, that Builders have an innate ability to "just know" when something is right or wrong for them. This gut feeling, often referred to in decision-making, is a powerful tool for Builders. I remember countless instances where my gut instinct guided me, sometimes against all logical reasoning. These moments were fundamental, steering me away from paths that seemed secure but weren't aligned with my true nature.

When faced with job offers or project opportunities, my gut would react almost instantly. In situations where I felt pressure to compete or prove myself, my decision-making became clouded by external expectations. Accepting roles based on "what if" scenarios like "If I take this position, I will bypass the other colleague in my aim for promotions" or "If I become part of this project, I can showcase my expertise and shine in front of everyone" often led to frustration and dissatisfaction. These decisions, driven by external validation rather than internal alignment, never felt right and ultimately resulted in burnout.

How did I discover Human Design for me? Funny enough, I saw my design for the first time two days after my resignation. My wife came to my desk, placed a chart (the one you see on the left) in front of me, and said, “Look, that is you.” I was puzzled. What was this? Squares, colors, numbers, red, black, strange symbols. I didn’t understand it at all. Realizing that my wife often understood me better than I did myself, I became curious. I began reading about Human Design and ordered my first report. Reading that report marked the biggest turning point in my life. It precisely described my past experiences and emotions with mysterious accuracy, compelling me to explore and learn this knowledge.

The realization that my life was unfolding as it was meant to, and that my struggles and successes were part of a greater design, was liberating. I saw my life in three clear stages: trial and error, deepening learning experiences, and ultimately finding a greater purpose. Each phase prepared me for the next, leading to a profound understanding and acceptance of my true self.
Human Design and BG5 provided a lens through which I could view my life and decisions with greater clarity. Understanding that I am a Builder with a Strategy to Respond and Inner Authority Sacral allowed me to see why certain decisions led to frustration while others brought satisfaction. This knowledge empowers me more and more to make choices that align with my true nature, leading to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

The decision to leave my corporate job was one of the most significant choices I've made. Despite the external pressures and societal expectations, I knew deep down that staying would mean compromising my true self. The courage to follow my gut, to trust in my design, and to prioritize my well-being over conventional success was transformative.

My booklet is an invitation to you to be open for this journey of self-discovery and empowerment. For me it is a testament to the power of understanding one's design and living in alignment with it. My experiences as a Builder, navigating the pressures of the corporate world and societal expectations, might offer insights into the challenges and triumphs of embracing one's true nature.

While this exploration just scratches the surface of a full Human Design or BG5 chart, it aims to provide a glimpse into the life of a Builder. It highlights the importance of recognizing and honoring our unique strengths and challenges, and how doing so can lead to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

I hope that by sharing my journey, I can inspire others to explore their own designs and find the courage to live in alignment with their true selves. Embrace your uniqueness, trust your gut, and remember that you are worthy just as you are. This is the essence of being a Builder, and it is a path that leads to profound satisfaction and fulfillment.

And I owe a special thanks to my good friend, Banu Çetin, an Advisor career type, who encouraged me to write down these experiences and articulate what it means for me to be a Career Type “Builder.”
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