Andrew Rogers

By living and working in mindful communities for 15 years, I've learned so much about myself and others, how teams interact, and how the shadow can wreak havoc. Human Design and BG5 came to me from a chance encounter when I initiated something. That's happened before and is right there in my Design, with Trait 46 (serendipity) activated four times.

If you're reading this and you're seeking the practical application of BG5 to your career or business, well, I'm in. I bring a breadth of experience, a flexible approach, and a deep commitment to serving growth.
"BG5 gives me a focus for all I’ve learned. It engages my analytical mind, my intuition and empathy, my communication skills and my insight, and gives me a place to impact people. It provides a framework to apply so much of what I’ve learned from working in mindful communities and from my teachers."

Andy Rogers

BG5 Consultant 
Mindfulness-Meditation Coach

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Andy's BG5 Journey

Listen as Andy is interviewed about how he found BG5.
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The secrets in your BG5 Design

Watch as Andy explains Franklin Taggart's unique BG5 Design.